The Cambridge University Belgian Society is a friendly and welcoming society for Belgians and non-Belgians at the University of Cambridge.

The Cambridge University Belgian Society is guided by the following objectives:

  • to promote Belgian culture at the University of Cambridge by way of cultural and culinary events.
  • To facilitate the transition of Belgian students to life at the University of Cambridge through a supportive network and welcoming events.
  • to encourage an esprit de corps amongst its members by way of social and cultural events.
  • to present itself as representative of a united community and to vindicate a spirit of Belgian community.
  • to contribute to the cultural diversity at the University of Cambridge by positively engaging with other cultural, sporting and social societies within the University of Cambridge and other universities in the United Kingdom.

Every year, the society organizes swaps, formals, and other events of academic or cultural nature for its members.

Committee 2023-2024

The following people are currently on the committee:

  • Geert Sluijs – President
  • Seppe Staelens – Secretary
  • Allison Scott – Junior Treasurer, Social Media Officer
  • Mathijs Clement – Events Officer
  • Bea Maier – Adjunct Treasurer
  • Samuel Van Der Straeten – Social Media Officer
  • Arthur Goemans – Events Officer

Committee 2020-2021

  • Guillaume Bastos Gonçalves Martin – President
  • Ilya Carey – Treasurer and Webmaster
  • Amaury van Trappen de Buggenoms- Grad Officer
  • Nathan – Speaker’s Officer
  • Lucas Mordue- Social Secretary